The World MasterCard® Card

A world of privileged access awaits you.

Welcome to a world of living without boundaries. With privileged access for its discerning clientele, World MasterCard opens the doors to priceless experiences and privileges reserved for a select few.

World MasterCard Privileged Access Program

Experience preferential treatment and priority access across the world with privileges such as invitations to closed-door events, VIP access to clubs, and access to limited edition luxury goods. World MasterCard brings together exclusive benefits from across the globe specially for you.

MasterCard Premium Concierge Services

World, Platinum, Corporate and Commercial MasterCard cardholders can receive exceptional service in Beijing and when traveling anywhere in the world.

MasterCard Premium Concierge hotline: 800 830 9791

World MasterCard
Greater China Prestige for Life

Enjoy priceless experiences and exclusive privileges throughout Greater China.